Vacation Comfort in Style

And just like that, our California vacation is upon us! I am extra excited about this trip - not just because of the perfect weather and sunny vibes we are about to take in, but because this is Elijah's first official vacation. I cannot wait to see this little boy light up at Disney, watch him play in the sand at Laguna Beach, and chase him up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Rodeo Drive.

Our family has been under some pressure lately. We have been considering some huge decisions over the past couple of months that could possibly change our life dramatically, so it is definitely an understatement of how much we are looking forward to this trip. We are SO ready to put the heavy thinking aside and focus on some much needed family fun.

On a lighter note, I have officially begun packing! Since we will be gone for almost the entire week, I am trying to pack as efficiently as possible. Even though Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, and A LOT of walking is in our plans, I definitely want to dress for comfort, but still not compromise on style! 

To me, the key to a comfortable outfit is SHOES SHOES SHOES. Your feet are EVERYTHING, so heavily consider comfort when packing for trips like this. Espadrilles and backless mules have been my jam as of late, and will be the majority of my shoes I am packing.  

This year, I have really incorporated more casual, athleisure wear into my closet. I used to limit myself to two options in my wardrobe - "dressy", which included blouses, jeans, dresses, sandals, and "comfy", which included old, college/sorority t-shirts and my over worn yoga pants I've had since 2014. And yes, you read that correctly - 2014

One of the best things I've learned is "comfort" doesn't have to mean t-shirts, yoga pants, and tennis shoes. You can be just as comfortable in cotton dresses, loose, breathable tops, and comfy footwear, and that is exactly how I am planning my outfits around this vacation. I think my favorite item I am packing is this  navy and white striped cotton dress by Target x Junkfood, with Mickey Mouse embroidered on the pocket detail, PERFECT for Disneyland. So perfect in fact, that I like to think that this dress was made with me & my Disney trip specifically in mind LOL. You can catch me wearing this in front of Cinderella's castle, proudly sporting my rose gold mouse ears I pre-ordered!

Be sure to check out my IG posts/stories next week sharing all of my vacation style picks!


See you in Cali!


The Mimosa Mom