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A little unexpected, huh? You're telling me......

2018 has been a year of serious decision making. Long story short, my husband was offered an opportunity of a lifetime at the beginning of this year  - one he would not see in Texas for the next 5 or more years - that would ultimately better our family in so many ways. After heavy consideration, discussions, debates, and prayers, we have decided to move our family to Atlanta, Georgia.

Being completely transparent, this decision is not all sunshine and rainbows. It's still hard to believe. My feelings are mixed, confused, and anxious. No, I am not fully against it, nor am I completely for it. Completely different from my husband, I grew up in the same home, in the same small town for 18 years. It wasn't until college that I moved to Central Texas to begin college, and eventually began my career and start my family. Never in my life did I think I would ever live out of state. So I feel taking all of this into consideration, leads me to my mixed feeling and hesitations. At the same time, I am so excited for the new life my husband, son, and I will have in Georgia, and everything we will experience together. 

What probably makes this all a bit tougher is that my husband has already made the move to the Atlanta area at the beginning of July, while Elijah and I will stay in Texas until February 2019. That's 8 months of our family not being under the same roof. Why, you may ask? Over the next several months, I plan on blogging my journey through this, and ultimately sharing my feelings on long-term "solo parenting", my outlook on long-distance marriages, and how I'm dealing with leaving Texas behind. More to come from this future "Georgia Peach"!



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