Finding Confidence in Chaos


Today marks two months of our family living apart. Never in my life would I ever think I would be in a long-distance marriage for almost an entire year. There was a lot of worry and anxiety leading up to my husbands move to Georgia - "Was I going to feel lonely? How often would we talk? Was I going to feel safe in our household without him? How was Elijah going to adapt to his Dad being gone for so long? What would this do to our family unit in the long run?"

These were the questions that weighed heavy on me for awhile, but I'm so happy to say that we are doing great. I'm not just surviving, but definitely thriving through it all. 

I had almost forgot how much I loved alone time, and taking on each day to my own accord. My husband being away has allowed me to really re-evaluate my everyday life and the activities I filled it with. Of course, having full control of the remote control and having a king size bed all to myself definitely has its perks, but there are definitely more deep-rooted elements to this situation. Being without an "everyday partner" - although YES, I do miss him - has allowed me to refocus on the growth and development of ME; my needs, wants, and things that I have been holding off on doing or have been making excuses on doing for myself.

In a marriage, and especially as a mother, everyone else's well being is often put above our own. It is so easy to get consumed with ambitions of being an over-achieving mom and an all-star wife - but what about US? What about ME? Who was I and what was important to me before I was either of these things? Who was Amber then, and who is she NOW? 

Over the upcoming months, I plan on sharing these key refocuses in detail -  being completely transparent in this major lifestyle change and how I'm remaining confident in myself through this chaotic time for our family.


Stay tuned!




The Mimosa Mom