5 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

Self Assessment

Sit down + start thinking. If you feel that you lack self-confidence or need help in boosting your overall confidence, take some time to self-evaluate and get down to the root of the problem. Why am I feeling this way? What is making me feel timid, uncomfortable, or unhappy? For me, it was a combination of things: feeling discouraged  with my body + overall health, unsatisfied with my career, uneasy in my role as a new mom. This phase is one of the hardest, as it forces you to pinpoint areas in your life that may make you feel uncomfortable, undeserving, or that the issues are unfix-able. Don’t let these feelings stop you! It is never too late in the game to change your outlook + make a positive change in yourself. You are more than worth it! 

Take Action + Be Intentional 

Now that you’ve evaluated & recognized the things in your life that are “in the way” of building up your self-confidence, make a plan, set your goals, take action, & be intentional in it all. Feeling discouraged with my body: I created a realistic work out regimen to fit my schedule as a working mom. Unsatisfied with my career: I updated my resume & began applying + networking at companies/institutions I always wanted to work for. Uneasy in my role as a new mom: I changed my mindset + stopped being so hard on myself, sought help in other moms, & began giving myself the patience, grace, & positive outlook on motherhood that I was depriving myself of. 

Don’t get me wrong, all of this was much easier said than done. At this point in my life, I was timid, unmotivated, & didn’t completely buy into this approach. I then decided to buckle down & actually BE INTENTIONAL, not just go through the motions of it all. I bought a fun planner, wrote out my goals, created check-lists, & customized things to realistically fit my schedule, both time-wise and emotionally. This was a game changer. 

Pro-Tip: Always start out small. It’s innate in us as women to want to take the “bull by the horns” & get carried away with goals + plans, to later realize it is all too overwhelming. For me, as much as I wanted to believe I would go from exercising 0 times a week to 4-5 times a week, I quickly realized that this was not going to happen. I committed myself to a happy medium of 2-3 times a week, & have been able to stick with that goal since then. Be realistic with your time & don’t over commit, as you will be more likely to stay with these changes/improvements in your life vs. throwing them out the window. 

Surround Yourself With Good People

I can't express how important it is to have a solid foundation of people around you. Family, friends, coworkers, workout/gym buddies. People not only that you can trust, but to push you to be the best version of yourself. These people want to see you succeed and will root for you the entire way. People that are positive, set goals, make a plan, and take action in their own life. If you are around people that are negative, closed minded, and never seek out to achieve anything, what does that do for you and your well-being? As the saying goes, “you are who you hang out with”. Find the good people and STICK WITH THEM.

Revamp Your “Physical Presence”

Because a little change does the mind + body good! Now, I want to clearly differentiate between physical presence and physical appearance, as I do not agree that confidence comes directly from “what you look like”. This is so false. Presenting yourself in a strong way derives from many factors, but the most simple way to begin is by changing up + adding in some new, exciting elements. Whether it’s as simple as an update in your make-up routine or new pair of shoes, or as drastic as a brand new wardrobe or new hair style (guilty of this!), treat yourself & seek a little update in your physical presence. Although so many things go into feeling genuinely confident about yourself, feeling good about your physical presence is a major mood booster, which can lead to a more capable, go-getting attitude. You got this! 

Embrace Your Imperfections

In no way, shape, or form are we perfect - and we should never want to be! Embracing your imperfections and recognizing that there is always room for adaptability/improvement is an ambitious, healthy, & productive way to approach all seasons of life. As women, mothers, working professionals, or any other life venture, we must never settle for complacency. I know I am not the most perfect mom, wife, employee, or friend, and there will always be personal things in myself I need to work on, but I will always strive to be the best version of these roles I can be - and that is more than good enough. Just be the best version of YOU you can be!