Balancing Self-Care & Motherhood


At work, with family, and even on social media, I often get asked how I do it. "How do you always look so put together?". "Don't you have a toddler?". "How do you have time to do your hair and makeup everyday with a kid to look after?".

I take these comments with a grain of salt. Are they underhandedly trying to say I'm selfish, neglectful, etc.? Or are they really wondering how I have the time to do things for myself.  

You always hear the saying, "You have the same hours in a day as Beyonce", but girrrl, Queen Bey is some other breed of human being (seriously...), so I definitely don't live by these words. Anyways, my response to these questions is always the same - YES, I am a mom. YES, I am busy. But I will ALWAYS make the time for self-care. As a new mom, I definitely went through that guilt phase. "How can I leave my precious baby to go get my haircut, or my nails done, or go take a nap?!". Even on the days my husband was home, I could just not bring myself to leave the house. Why? MOM GUILT. It's everywhere, and there is no getting away from it. I felt like I was being SELFISH and a BAD MOM for leaving him to do these things for myself. 

As women, and especially as moms, it's innate in us to want to take care of EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME, 24/7. We are so quick to forget about the care and well-being of ourselves. But the truth is this - we contribute SO MUCH on a daily basis for our kids and our family. We deserve the time and grace to do the things we love to do! Whether it's being alone, going on lunch dates, or meeting girlfriends, making the time to do the things we enjoy doing is key to our happiness - and maintaining our sanity!

For me, work is my outlet. I know it sounds crazy, but I love my job. Every morning I look forward to coming in and get my mind working, creativity flowing, and just interacting with others in the industry. Along with this, my "me time" activities includes getting my nails done, doing my hair and make-up on workdays, going to an exercise class, or simply sitting in my car, unbothered, while catching up on social media accounts and blasting my favorite music.

These regular activities literally GIVE ME LIFE, create inspiration, self-worth, and confidence, level me on the ground, and just plain MAKE ME HAPPY. And when I'm happy, I am ready to take on anything motherhood and married life throws at me. Happy Wife, Happy Mommy, Happy Baby, Happy Life.

And as a side note, I don’t always look put together. I have bad days, and really bad days. If you ever catch me at the park on a Saturday morning running after Elijah, you'll always notice the huge pair of sunglasses covering my un-made face, and the ponytail attempting to disguise my unwashed hair! Thank goodness for IG filters on those days!

Anyways ladies, LOVE YOURSELF and TAKE CARE OF YOU! Our families deserve the absolute best versions of ourselves, and nothing less!




The Mimosa Mom