Tips for an Organized Week

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Make Your Calendar + Planner a Priority

I never used to be a #plannergirl, but here I am. And honestly, Rachel Hollis & Erin Condren are equally to blame. If you've never used one, I admit they can be a little overwhelming and like too much of a hassle than what they are worth. But I promise - they are so beneficial! They are the ultimate goal of organization, and if an organized life is what you strive for -then girl, what are you waiting for?

As the saying goes, you are much more likely to remember things & achieve your goals if you write them down. Once I write an event/task/goal in my planner, I see it as if I am "willing" it into the universe. THIS is going to happen for me. On/by THIS date, & at THIS time. Use this motivation & run with it!

Write down EVERYTHING. Work events, doctor's appointments, important reminders, workouts, etc. Making my calendar + planner a priority has truly helped me to not skip a beat in my life. My planner load includes work events, appointments, blogging commitments/deadlines, my weekly meal plan, shopping lists, workouts - if it's important to me, it's in there. If you're not a paper + pen type of girl, no worries! Technology is amazing these days and iCal's & Google Calendar's can keep us just as accountable. Whichever you choose, make this a priority! 

Get a Head Start

Because why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today? Use your weekends/off-days to take care of necessary business. Grocery shop. Run errands. Housework. Cleaning. Laundry. The weekdays are busy, stressful, & time-consuming enough with our jobs, commutes, meals, etc., so why try to add in tasks during these days when we can take care of them on others? Yes, these tasks can be daunting and the last thing we may want to take care of on our weekends/off-days, but imagine a work week that is solely focused on you and exactly what you want to do - exercise, happy hour, extra play time with your kids, or even to simply come home and rest.

For me, I grocery shop and run errands on Saturdays, & meal prep, clean, and do laundry on Sundays, that way post-work during the week I can freely enjoy Camp Gladiator, join friends for a drink, & get that ultra-precious one-on-one time with Elijah, without having to worry about the evening getting away from me. We all wish we had more time & energy for SOMETHING in our life, so take action & prioritize your schedule to allow for it!

It's All in the Morning Routine...

This one is a game changer! Every weeknight, prep for the next morning as much as possible. Pick out your outfit for the next day, in detail. Blouse, pants, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, etc. Set out everything you will need for the morning & place it in a convenient place. If you have children, do the same thing for them.I even go as far as checking the weather for the next day, to make sure there is no need for a last-minute outfit change. It's AMAZING how much time you save doing this versus selecting everything the morning of.

Another game changer for me was prepping/packing breakfast & lunch for Elijah and I each weeknight. I even take it as far as setting up my Keurig with my to-go coffee cup & coffee pod in the slot, and setting our vitamins out on the counter - I'm a little much, I know….The key here is to be able to easily "grab-and-go", and head out the door in an organized fashion. Don't get me wrong, there are still mornings where chaos strikes, I spill coffee everywhere, or Elijah wakes up with a serious attitude & refuses to cooperate, but  incorporating these simple steps every weeknight definitely lessens the blow! 

The Monday Misconception

Don't think of Monday as a Monday! There is this huge societal drag when it comes to Monday; the day the "party" ends and "reality" begins. What if we changed the way we thought about this? Instead of seeing Mondays in a negative way, let's shed some positivity on it. A fresh start. A new opportunity. A reoccurring chance to "get it right" and to make good things happen. A great attitude can change everything!

I hope these tips are helpful and can be easily utilized to make your week more organized!