Balancing Self-Care & Motherhood


Hey, Mama!

Need some self-care or “me” time in your life, but feel like you have no time? Trust me, I’ve been there, felt that - & endured all the guilt that goes with it! What I quickly learned is you have to make YOU - your happiness, self-care, dreams, passions - a priority. With reassurance, resources, & a little confidence, I broke through this cycle, & I want the exact same for you! Here are some achievable ways to battle through mom-guilt, and establish a healthy balance of self-care in your busy life!

Battle Through the Guilt

After becoming a mom, I closed myself off from any situation that took me away from Elijah. No one had ever told me that I needed to stay home, that I couldn’t go out, have fun, or attend any events, but unknowingly, I placed restrictions on myself in regards to having a social life or life outside being a mother. I told myself that this was “no longer my life”, and was something I just had to accept & move on from.

Reading this now, this was so extreme. As crazy as it sounds, I was literally stripping myself of obtaining any sort of happiness or fulfillment outside of being a mom. As mothers, why are we so hard on ourselves? What fuels the “mom guilt”, and why is it so easy to get trapped in it? As women, and especially as moms, it's innate in us to want to take care of EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME, 24/7. We are so quick to forget about the care and well-being of ourselves. But the truth is this - we contribute SO MUCH on a daily basis for our kids and our family. We deserve the time and grace to do the things we love to do! Whether it's being alone, going on lunch dates, or meeting girlfriends, making the time to do the things we enjoy doing is key to our happiness - and maintaining our sanity!

Easy Ways to Get Started

Okay, let’s discuss how you get started! It is so much easier than you think! For me, I first thought “me” time consisted of being gone from Elijah for hours, or doing things I wasn’t quit ready for. Start off small, and fit in “me” time any way you can.

Take some time to think about it - what are some easy, attainable ways to add in some extra time to your day, specifically dedicated to YOU?

I have introduced so many outlets into my life that bring me happiness, self-worth, and a break from the “mom game”. I find "me time" in each opportunity & avenue I can. This includes getting my body moving at Camp Gladiator, solo-trips to Trader Joe’s or Target, going on Friday lunch’s with my coworkers, or hiring Elijah’s favorite sitter so I can go on a Girl’s Night. Something as simple as my morning/afternoon commutes blasting my favorite music is a perfect example of how easy it is to get started!

These regular activities literally GIVE ME LIFE, create inspiration, self-worth, and confidence, level me on the ground, and just plain MAKE ME HAPPY. And when I'm happy, I am ready to take on anything motherhood + married life throws at me. Happy Wife, Happy Mommy, Happy Toddler, Happy Life.

Anyways ladies, LOVE YOURSELF and TAKE CARE OF YOU! Our families deserve the absolute best versions of ourselves, and nothing less!