5 Ways to "Fill Your Cup"



And no, I'm not talking about filling up on unlimited mimosas at brunch this weekend....


As the saying goes, YOU CAN'T POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP. As the last part of the year approaches, schedules get busy, days get shorter, & time seems to never be on our side. And the thought of doing something good for YOURSELF? Umm, are you crazy?! Forget it! As hectic as things can get , we cannot be neglectful of what we really need, especially when life gets overwhelming.

There are are about 9276382 ways to "fill up your cup", but honestly, IT STARTS FROM WITHIN. And I'm sharing how to get started!


Find Time For You

Self-care and alone time is VITAL - & for me, non-negotiable. I need these pockets of "me" time in order to be the best version of myself for my family, friends, & coworkers. Finding time for YOU is not a selfish thing, so don't overthink it!

Pursue Your Passions

Do the things you love to do! And do them every single day (or as often as you can!). Whether it's reading, going on walks, or catching up on your favorite shows - pursue whatever brings you joy!

Get Outdoors

There's nothing like fresh air & feeling sun on your skin - INSTANT MOOD LIFTER! When is the last time you sat outside & just soaked everything in? No cell phone, no social media, no distractions. Sometimes, this is all we need to fill up our cups & reset out minds + attitudes.

Get That Body Moving

Exercise may not be your "thing", but getting even the smallest sweat session in can do wonders for the mind & body. Although I get some high-intensity workouts in at Camp Gladiator, lately, I have been taking 10 minutes out of my morning to stretch while my house is silent & I am the only one awake. Even the shortest amount of time is still time dedicated to YOU. However you decide to get your body moving, get it done!

Be Kind + Helpful to Others

There is no better sense of satisfaction than the feeling of helping others. Even the smallest act of kindness can turn someones day around, build up their confidence, and make the biggest impact. Hold a door open, give a compliment, say hi to a complete stranger, or make more of an effort to get to know someone. One of the most authentic ways to fill your cup lies in helping others, so fill up!


These methods have been so helpful to me this past year, & I’m hoping they can be just as helpful for you!