29 & Feeling Fine


I'm officially in the last year of my 20's, so pardon me while I freak out for a minute! I think most of this feeling comes from the fact that I still feel like I am 22, maybe 23, TOPS. I believe that although SO MUCH has happened in my life in the past decade, that it has all flashed by in the blink of an eye. Does anyone else feel this way?!

There are times I DO feel older. My skin and hair are not the same; I've even pulled out a grey hair (or 2!) recently. I'm noticing fine lines, and other changes in my face. And I now spend 48-72 hours recovering from a night out, versus waking up like nothing happened, like when I was in my college days - definitely learned this the hard way!

"Adulting" is something I never quite grasped in one foundational moment. Bachelor's degree at 22, first "big girl" job at 23, getting engaged at 24, getting married at 25, Master's degree at 26 - none of these fully solidified adulthood for me. Then, I BECAME A MOM. Let me tell you, nothing checks you more in life than being completely in charge of the health and well being of a tiny human. But I am thankful to God every single day for blessing me with him, which has helped to shape me into the woman who I am today.

As I am approaching 30, I can honestly say I am so happy and proud of where I am today - happier than I have been in YEARS. This past year, I have had major strides in motherhood & parenting, married life, health, fitness, and career. I have taken on solo-parenting, a long-distance marriage, and a major lifestyle change. I feel more confident, able-bodied, and determined to take on life and anything that gets thrown at me.

29, I am ready for everything that is to come this year!


The Mimosa Mom