To My Sister on Her 15th Birthday

Where do I even begin? When I was in 7th Grade, I remember Mom taking me out of school early “just because”. She took me shopping and to my favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. I didn’t ask questions. Then she laid it on me - “You’re going to be a big sister”.

Having been a single child for 13 years already, I’m not going to lie and tell you I was excited. Because I wasn’t - and you already know this. Mom and Dad did not make a lot of money back then, and I resented the fact that a baby was just going to come in and make our financial situation even worse. More so, Mom and Dad were already so busy, meaning even less time I would get with them. Sounds selfish, right? But remember, I was only 13…..

Then you were born. Everything changed. It was really weird at first - getting used to having you in the house, hearing you cry, helping Mom when we were out and about. But then we found our groove, and life was good.

I quickly learned to love you like I never imagined possible. Some of my biggest memories from high school were you “cheering” for me at all of my cross country and track meets. You, and mom and dad of course, were always there to support me. Everyone was always so blown away at our age difference, and our dynamic as sisters.

I will never forget the day you, Mom and Dad dropped me off at college. It was literally the saddest day of my life. You were only 4, but you completely understood what was going on. Ever since then, I have done my absolute best to be there for you. Your youth league basketball games, summer track meets, awards assemblies. You have always been a top priority in my life, and I really hope you know that. I never wanted you to ever feel like I didn’t care what was going on in your life, and that I was “too busy” to come see you. YOU WERE THE REASON I came home as much as I did.

The past few years have gone by so quickly. I’ve seen you go through junior high, start school athletics, band, and deal with all the drama and jealous girls. This year, I’ve seen you start your first year of high school, make it for varsity cheerleader, begin your marching/concert band experience, and watch you run your heart out and advance to cross country regionals as a freshman.

To put into simple words, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND THE GIRL YOU HAVE BECOME. It is seriously so nostalgic to see you do and accomplish all you have done over the years. You are so smart, confident, and head-strong. You have the biggest aspirations and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future. I love you so much, Alyssa. Happy 15th Birthday!

PS: I cannot wait to get wine drunk & dance my heart out at your Quincenera next weekend!