"Momming" Isn't Easy


Long ago are the days of a quietly sitting baby in his Boppy pillow while Mom does laundry, preps meals, or catches up on the latest episode of The Bachelor. Ever since Elijah has started walking, the dynamic of our house has definitely gotten a bit more hectic. I thank God everyday for his evolving developmental skills, curiosity, and genuine love and attachment for me. But sometimes,

I am O V E R W H E L M E D. 

I've always been the girl that has it all together; whose time management skills were impeccable, organization and cleanliness an A+, and whose character can handle anything that was thrown at me. I am still that girl - just currently adapting to this little thing called motherhood

Throughout Elijah's 1st year, I was commended a lot by friends and family who said I handled motherhood "beautifully", and that I "made it look easy". Umm, what?! I jokingly laughed and nodded in agreement, but truth is, it is definitely a struggle.

Elijah is the sweetest boy, he truly is. But as of late, and as I was warned, the onset of the "terrible toddler" years are making an appearance. And I am not ready. Take our Valentine's Day dinner for instance.....


Yep, that's him. Screaming for literally no reason at all. My husband and I used to have no worries when we'd all go out to eat. Until this lovely night. I kid you not, all of his needs were met - clean diaper, teething gel freshly applied (currently has 5 teeth coming in), food in front of him, milk in front of him, both parents within an arms-length. But no. He chose to be upset, and let all of Maggiano's know just how he felt. 

This is definitely a first for me. Sure, he has thrown tantrums here and there in public, but nothing a snack or a quick game of peek-a-boo couldn't fix. We are getting to the stages where he gets EXTREMELY upset for not getting his way, or when he is told "no". 

The golden question here....

How can we avoid this? Do we avoid going out altogether? Do we begin to "discipline"? Do we do our best to meet every little need and literally tip-toe around this 1-year old to ensure him not getting upset, even if that means throwing our parenting philosophies out the window? The sad thing about this stage is that, we can't. And we should never feel limited in any aspect of life, just because we have kids. Our children are growing, developing personalities, and getting familiar with our ways of life. 

My current philosophy includes sticking to my "parenting guns", and most importantly STAYING CALM, especially when these little episodes happen. In no way, shape, or form, do I think I am an expert mom. But what I do want to get across is no matter how perfect motherhood may look on social media,  IT IS NOT. The struggle is real, but the rewards and love for our children are immeasurable, and outweigh the hard stuff any day. 

Please feel free to share, vent, and offer your on advice on how to tackle this stage in the toddler years. As a new mom, I need all the help I can get!


Happy Parenting,


The Mimosa Mom